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FinTech-Enabled Marketplaces (#FEM)

 Online Marketplaces are embedding Financial products to combine their reach with the power of #FinTech, especially … Payments 💳

The most successful Marketplaces are either:
1️⃣ Investing in FinTech solutions by building them in-house like Airbnb, Amazon, Walmart and Uber.
2️⃣ Acquiring new FinTech companies like eBay with PayPal (history now).
3️⃣ Partnering with other Financial Institutions like Shopify, HelloFresh, StockX and Instacart are doing!

FinTech-Enabled Marketplaces (#FEM) 🛍 are one of the most powerful driving forces in the Global Economy. #OnlineMarketplaces account of over 50% of the total online sales worldwide 🌍 - now imagine how disruptive those can be with the right financial tools 👇

#FinTech Embedded Solutions 💰 disrupt:
👉 Checkout Experience with #APMs including #BNPL, #digitalwallets , #localizedpaymentmethods
👉 #Underwriting Process and providing quick #Financing possibilities
👉 #Insurance by seamlessly adding third-party insurance to processes or products
👉 Brand Loyalty with co-branded cards 💳 to offer rewards 🎁 and cash-back
👉 #Payroll by speeding up the payout process to its Merchants, Partners, Customers and Employees!

In a platform-driven economy where seamless, frictionless customer experience has become the key to success, this combination will be the next big thing and here are some of its major benefits👇

✔️ Expand total addressable #market by accessing #underbanked Global Communities 🌍
✔️ New and recurring #revenue streams 📊
✔️ Lower Customer Acquisition Costs (#CAC) 📉
✔️ Streamline Processes with more #automation - favorable internally & externally
✔ Reduce friction at order and checkout! 📲

For Marketplaces, #Payment Innovation is a major differentiator as margins are usually small, customers shop where the experience is most convenient as well as merchant and customer loyalty being extremely tough to gain. No surprise embedding #FinTech became The Major Priority alongside Supply Chain solutions!

If you are looking for amazing FinTech companies ready to help your growth - let me know, happy to connect you 😉

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